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Nala Renewables is a differentiated global power and renewable energy investment platform focused on generating sustainable and clean power using onshore wind, solar PV and battery storage. Nala Renewables will be complemented with deep development, construction and operational expertise which will ensure that Nala is an active participant in all of its projects and assets. We plan to build our portfolio by acquiring companies and assets, and through greenfield development. We are targeting projects in markets in which our partners already operate – primarily in North America, Europe, Asia and certain emerging economies. We will also develop projects adjacent to Trafigura’s operations. By doing so, we will provide opportunities to power existing Trafigura facilities.


Our partners’ strengths are our strengths, and we are using these technical, commercial and financial resources to invest and build sustainable green energy infrastructure that will help meet rising demand for clean power and help reduce carbon emissions.


Joint investment with Buckeye Partners in Swift Current Energy


In April 2021, Nala Renewables and Buckeye Partners jointly acquired majority ownership of Swift Current Energy, a leading North American clean energy development and investment platform. The intention is to further advance critical renewable energy generation and storage development projects across the United States while growing this platform and moving the energy transition forward.


Boston-based Swift Current Energy has commercialized more than 1.1 gigawatts of renewable projects since its founding in 2016 and has a project pipeline of more than 6 gigawatts of capacity. Over 2 gigawatts of this capacity is attributable to eight solar projects which are in late stage development. The initial solar, wind and energy storage projects in active development are located close to U.S. demand centers in liquid power markets and the portfolio offers significant optionality, driven by high demand from utilities, commercial and industrial users and retail customers. The new shareholders will look to contribute further proprietary renewable energy generation and storage opportunities to the platform via their existing footprints and extensive networks.